VinNoir Latex

About VinNoir

VinNoir Latex is a One Woman Business run by Virna Raimondi, art school graduate born in 1989.

The label story starts in 2012, when, after a background of work as illustrator and freelance designer for italian alternative fashion brands, Virna decides to join her passion for latex fashion and art into her personal project.

After studies in Pisa's tailoring school' Centro Trimoda' Virna starts to craft latex dresses on her own, concentrating in high quality designs with attention to details.

Label's name holds Virna's background as illustrator: her first appearence on the web as VinNoir took place on in 2006 were she were known for her pin-up and fetish themed illustrations.

The choice to keep this as the label's name is found in Virna's choice to bond with her past experiences; its meaning 'black wine' refers to the dionisiac side of life, vital impulse and creativity, with a hint of darkness.

VinNoir Latex takes inspirations especially from Art Deco, Art Nouveau and nature.